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Kohlrabi salad with grapes and tangerine dressing

I harvested some of these dashing purple beauties this morning to make a fresh kohlrabi salad with grapes and tangerine dressing. Boiled or baked kohlrabi is not really my favorite. But I love the fresh crunchiness of thin slices in a salad! I always ike to mix them with a tangy dressing and something sweet like these last grapes from the vine along my balcony.If you have nice fresh kohlrabi and cut them in really thin slices, you don’t have to peel them and keep the pretty colored edge.I sprinkled some fresh fennel seeds from fennel bulbs that had bolted. But roasted dried seeds will taste delicious too.

Kohlrabi salad with grapes and tangerine dressing

Kohlrabi salad with grapes and tangerine dressing

Serves 4

2 (purple) kohlrabi
juice and zest of 1 tangerine
2 tbsp mild olive oil
1 tsp coarse mustard
lemon juice to taste
100 g grapes
fresh fennel seeds to sprinkle (or use lightly toasted dried fennel seeds)
baby lettuce or beet leaves
also needed: mandolin (optional)

Cut the kohlrabi into super thin slices. Mix the tangerine juice and zeste, the oil, mustard, freshly ground pepper, salt and lemon juice to taste into a dressing.
Divide the lettuce, kohlrabi, grapes and lettuce over 4 plates, sprinkle over the fennel seeds and drizzle with the dressing.

find more recipes with grapes and other berries in my (Dutch) book  Dosia Plukt Bessen! 


Kohlrabisalade met druiven en mandarijndressingKohlrabisalade met druiven en mandarijndressing

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