a curious cook


I am Dosia Brewer and I am a culinary editor. I make magazines and books about food, I write about food, I make videos about food and I write recipes for Dutch magazines like Seasons, delicious. and Margriet. In my blog cookiecompanion.com I bake traditional cookies from all around the word. I love experimenting with different ingredients and dishes and there is always something baking, simmering, broiling, or cooking in my oven or on my stove. My new interest is vegan baking. Why not bake plant based more often when it is just as tasty and more sustainable. In my new (Dutch, I am sorry…) book Dosia Bakt Vegan you can find lots of recipes, info and tips on vegan baking.

(And yes, I love to eat too!)

Dosia Brewer
©William Rutten