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raspberry soup with ginger and sumak

I make this beautiful pink-red soup with ginger kombucha, but you can also make it with ginger beer, gingerale or another purchased or homemade berry kombucha. It gives the raspberry soup with ginger and sumak just a little kick. The pinch of tangy sumac not only looks beautiful, but gives the sweet soup exactly the right fresh-fruity taste. If you have raspberries in two colors or have found salmonberries you can make half the recipe with each berry and make a pretty swirl.

Find more berry recipes in my (Dutch) book Dosia Plukt Bessen.

frambozensoep met gember en sumak

raspberry soup with ginger and sumak

serves 4
Prep time ± 10 min. /  cooling off time ± 1 hour

600 g raspberries + extra to decorate
± 80 ml ginger kombucha, ginger beer or ginger ale
2 tbsp crème fraîche + extra to decorate
20 g sugar (or more/less, to taste)
juice and zest of ½ lime
1 tsp sumac + extra to decorate

Also needed: blender

Blend the raspberries, kombucha, crème fraîche, sugar, lime juice and zest, and sumac in a blender until smooth. Leave to cool completely in the fridge. Sprinkle some sumac on top and garnish with extra raspberries.

Vegan option:
Use plant based whipping cream, crème fraîche, or yogurt instead of the crème fraîche.

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