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Elderflower infused honey

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I don’t really dare to call this a recipe! All you need to do is to put honey or agave syrup and elderflower blossom in a jar and wait … But the result is so delicious and aromatic that I still will tell you how to make elderflower infused honey. The honey or syrup absorbs the elderflower blossom fragrance so well and the result is delicious in everything. I like to drizzle it over pancakes or have it on toast. Elderflower honey also works really well in baking.

Make sure that you get as few stems as possible in your jar. The stems don’t taste good and are even a bit poisonous. In my recipe for elderflower cordial, you don’t infuse for very long, so you notice it less, but the fewer stems that end up in your pot the better! I always carefully tease the flowers off the sprays and make sure to get all the stamens in my pot. The scent of elderflower is in the pollen on the stamens. If you open your jar of elderflower honey later in the year, you will be transported back to spring immediately!

Elderflower infused honey

For ± 250 ml / 1 cup

± 8 elderflower sprays
250 ml / cup neutral honey or light agave syrup

Remove the flowers from the flower sprays and place them in a jar.
Pour the honey or syrup over it and close the jar. Allow the elderflower to infuse for about 1 week.
Strain the honey or syrup and place in a well-cleaned and sterilized jar. Close tightly.
The honey soaked flowers taste great in yogurt or oatmeal.
This honey has a shelf life of ± 1 year.

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